Proxy partners with Bandtheme on websites for music artists

Do you think websites for music artists are important? The digital platforms where music artists conduct their business are not exactly indestructible. Just look at Twitter right now – when that goes, or anything else disappears, what do you lose? A lot, right?

We are strong believers in artists (and labels) taking control of their digital world – how it looks, who you are talking to – and that all starts with a website, your own site, in your control,  and more protected against failing businesses going under.

This is why we have teamed up with Bandtheme (run by the awesome Creative Corporation) to offer simple and affordable websites to music artists. Bandtheme offer WordPress themes created specifically with music in mind – we think they have nailed it.

And acts like the Delgados, Nova Twins, Johnny Marr, Squeeze, Emeli Sande, Deaf Havana and others seem to agree as their sites are made with Bandtheme.

If you want a website, give us a shout and we’ll get you started.