What are our artist reports?

As music artists, there are more promotion options than ever, with more companies trying to convince you that your money is best spent with them – but where do you start? With one of our Artist Reports.

At a corporate level, outside of music, we have experience in strategy and planning for marketing campaigns both for the company and for clients. This looked at the best way to spend whatever money we had to make the most impact.

Through conversations with artists and record labels, we found this planning was really needed when promoting music. Having a clear understanding of what might work and why, was a clear gap in independent artists’ ability to promote themselves.

So we created our Artist Reports (and the same for record labels) to help with that.

These reports, created uniquely for each artist or label, run through our thoughts and recommendations on branding, visual identity, streaming, community building, media, video, social media and release schedules to help you make the most informed decisions.

We make sure there are practical, actionable tips and ideas with a condensed bullet-point action plan leading the report. It also includes some suggested media contacts for your genre.

These have been a success with our reports helping the likes of Julia-Sophie, Seas of Mirth, Safe Suburban Home records, Difficult Art and Music, Flvz, Goddesses, FRBH Recordings, Celestial North and others.

These reports start at £350.

If you would like to discuss a report for you or your label, please get in touch.